The Times Best Law Firms 2019

We have been recognised as one of The Times Best Law Firms 2019. Here is what was said about us:

“This small practice occupies a very particular niche. Founded in 2003, it offers specialist legal advice on risk, insurance and compliance issues to law firms, property professionals, insurers, lenders, brokers and businesses.

One measure of the esteem with which the practice is regarded is that more than 40 of the top 100 law firms in the country, as well as American firms setting up to practice in the UK, have called on its services. Clients are attracted by the legal team’s expertise and experience in areas such as regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, professional negligence, claims prevention and professional indemnity.

The firm also acts when disputes arise between lawyers and their insurers on policy-coverage issues, including the operation of the dishonesty exclusion, late notification, breach of the duty to co-operate and scope of cover. Attention to detail is paramount in such cases. Legal Risk cites the example of the wording on an excess-layers insurance policy that its principals were asked to scrutinise. They spotted an exclusion clause that, they say, “potentially gave the insurers a get-out as wide as an open barn door”. The loophole was closed and the insured firm has since had a claim for more than £100 million that likely would have been excluded under the unamended terms and conditions.

Commended for insurance (business law)”