We advise on a variety of conflicts issues, including challenges to firms acting and disciplinary investigations. Recent additions to our Conflicts web page, www.legalrisk.co.uk/conflicts, include the following.

In Glencairn IP Holdings Ltd v Product Specialities Inc (t/a Final Touch)[2019] EWHC 1733 (IPEC), applying Bolkiah v KMPG, the court declined to grant an order restraining a small two office firm from acting even though there was little detailed evidence on how the information barrier worked.

SRA v Evans and Whiteley 11907-2018 involved an own interest conflict and fines and costs totaling £45,000 for failing to ensure that a client had taken separate advice: it was not enough simply to advise the client to obtain separate advice.

Plein v. USAA Casualty Insurance Company, 2019 WL 3407107 is an American case considering ‘Playbook conflicts’, which arise when a lawyer has knowledge of a client’s approach to strategy.

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