The topic continues to attract parliamentary and press interest, both generally and in relation to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).  The Times reported on 19 January 2019 that “[a] flood of claims alleging sexual harassment within law firms is due to swamp the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal this year, absorbing nearly a third of its calendar…  In all, 81 hearing days have been set aside for 25 cases, with the first tranche coming from a record total of 43 allegations made in recent  months to the profession’s watchdog, the [SRA].”

We are advising firms on some difficult issues over allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, particularly where the alleged victim may not wish to pursue a complaint, perhaps for reasons connected with religion or concerns over promotion prospects.  This can impact on the handling of the firm’s reporting obligations to the SRA: the complainant’s right to privacy also needs to be addressed.

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