British Journal of Criminology

Let sleeping Lawyers lie: Organized Crime, Lawyers and the Regulation of Legal Services by David Middleton and Michael Levi.

Business - A Profession Chapter 20, The Opportunity in the Law

An address delivered May 4, 1905, at Phillips Brooks House, before the Harvard Ethical Society.


Civility: The Ultimate Legal Weapon?

By Peter R. Jarvis and Katie M. Lachter.

Conduct Risk - When Compliance Becomes a Game

A paper by Dr. Roger Miles (Sign in or register to access the free paper).


Ethics and Accounting for Lawyers

By Professor Christian Johnson, SJ Quinney College of Law. Powerpoint download link.

Ethics, Law Firms, and Legal Education

Paper by Milton C. Regan, Georgetown University Law Center.


Here's why Wall Street has a hard time being ethical

Key Excerpts from Article first published on website of The Guardian.

House of Commons BHS Report

First Report of the Work and Pensions Committee and Fourth Report of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee of Session 2016–17.


In-house lawyers ‘forced to breach ethical standards’

Research from the UCL Centre for Ethics & Law has found that lawyers at big corporations are routinely asked to compromise their ethical standards.

IRMI - Ethics Considerations for Property & Casualty Insurance Professionals

Learn how increased professionalism and ethics can differentiate you and your business.


Law firms ignoring client confidentiality during M&As

Published on www.solicitorsjournal.com.


Mapping the Moral Compass

The relationships between in-house lawyers’ role, professional orientations, team cultures, organisational pressures, ethical infrastructure and ethical inclination.

Model Rule 1.15: The Elegant Solution to the Problem of Purloined Documents

Article written by Brian S. Faughnan & Douglas R. Richmond.


Report: Ethics: Beyond the rules: Historical Preface

By Lawrence J. Fox, Nancy McCready Higgins and Donald B. Hilliker. Purchase from LexisNexis.


Virtuous Character for the Practice of Law

University of Birmingham research report.


Where were the lawyers when Lehman crashed?

Published in the Times 24 January 2013.

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