As remote working becomes the new norm, spare a thought for how you will spot if someone is struggling, under pressure, and in need of assistance.  Problems which would normally be spotted, perhaps in casual conversation at the coffee machine, may go unnoticed.           Working in public places such as coffee shops may diminish but may still be used by some (if such places remain open), perhaps if they have internet connectivity problems at home, due to the increased number of people at home (whether working, or adding even greater pressure through gaming). Do your devices have privacy screens?  Security issues may be increased if staff are using their own equipment (including, for example, printers to which documents can be emailed), and guidance is needed.
Even home working presents some risks to client confidentiality as family members may be able to see documents or hear calls, and it may be prudent to remind staff of this, and information security more generally: the BBC reported that hackers are preying on fears of Covid-19 which is featuring in a spike in email scams.  See
It will also be important to ensure that your staff remain aware of their obligations to report data and other conduct breaches promptly.


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